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dlb architects has been a leading force in small project designs of all kinds for 42 years in Oklahoma as well as in 12 other states.  In that time we have complete many residential design projects- additions, remodels, and new houses.  

In this same time period Dave has also been engaged in teaching architecture in the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture in the University of Oklahoma.  He has led in teaching design studios from first year to graduate level as well as leading the way in developing creative courses for non-majors.

Dave has always incorporated the use of free-hand sketching in the design  and presentation development process.  It has been shown that the most creative approach to design is through the brain/hand connection.  Computers have become the means for developing the drawings needed to build a project, but the direct link of the brain and hand still prove to provide the quickest means for developing design ideas that can be understood by clients..  These sketches for a design competition proved to be the winning ideas that got the architect the project.

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